Do you ever worry about your kids head flopping forward while they’re napping in the car when you have to slam the brakes while driving?


When my daughter was a baby, she hated the car seat and so did I. If I was lucky enough that she fell asleep while I was driving, my heart would always stop when I would see her neck all crooked over while she slept. I seriously remember checking to make sure she was breathing so many times because it just looked like the most unnatural position for her head to be all turned onto her shoulder. I tried using those infant head pillows but they were not usually that much help. The problem persisted as she grew into a toddler and her head would roll forward. I remember wanting to rig up my own solution but being afraid it wouldn’t be safe in case of an accident. Well, finally, the solution is here with toddler coddler car seat pillow.

Funtions of toddler coddler car seat pillow

1. Made of high quality cotton material, soft and convenient to use.
2. Appropriate to the child’s head support, relieves neck strain for sleepy toddlers riding along for nap time car rides and lengthy road trips.
3. Comfortable filling properties and increase comfort, adjustable plastic buckle.
4. Thicken adjustable belt, the buckle’s length also can be adjustable.
5. Suitable for any baby seats, car seats, strollers etc.

This toddler coddler car seat pillow can keep your children’s heads up and secured in place while they nap in their car seat. The toddler coddler car seat pillow gives your kids bobbing heads a rest, and will peacefully get you and your children to your destination without neck strains or injuries!

When to use head and body support

image_12-20-49_06762_29-07-2016-300x290Before we proceed, some things have to be clarified first. Many parents are wondering when they should stop using a head support. Head support is often part of the car seat. Use of this kind of support is indeed limited. It is possible to purchase a separate head and body support, which can be used either as a replacement or as a supplement. If the latter, the head support can be removed at your own discretion. If the former, same limits apply, although we do not recommend replacing the headrest.

The primary factor for head and body support use is the child’s own biology. If they are not able to hold their head properly, their neck muscles are weak, or their control over them is weak, the head support must not be removed. If not, it is generally safe to do that, although we do not recommend that affect the child’s comfort negatively.

It is possible that the built-in support is not enough for your child. In that case, we recommend purchasing an extra support unless it is a head support insert.

Signs that your baby needs extra support

1.The baby leans to the side when secured in the car seat.
2.The baby is restless and obviously uncomfortable with their current seat and support.
3.The harness is loose. In this case, purchasing a better-suited car seat is a safer option but use of more support is also possible.

If the existing head and body support has been damaged, it obviously needs a replacement. However, it is not recommended to buy any support not explicitly compatible with the car seat.


Perfectly comfortable for the child, toddler coddler car seat pillow doesn’t restrict or restrain the child’s movement and only touches them if they nod forward during sleep. This toddler car seat head support is simple to use for both parent and child and adjusts to fit every head size so your child can sleep comfortably on the go.

Have you ever worried about a child being uncomfortable while they napped in the car? Toddler coddler car seat pillow would make an excellent gift.